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Advanced System Integration in Electric Drivetrains

Electric drivetrain designs continue to trend towards total system integration for maximum efficiency. By combining single units into next-generation integrated systems, manufacturers achieve greater weight reduction and better packaging space. Effective drivetrain modularization presents various technical challenges, as it requires lightweight and thermal properties to enable high-performance seals and metal replacement in modern bearings. 

Syensqo’s portfolio of solutions for electric drivetrains includes specialty polymers that maintain their levels of stiffness, strength, and mechanical integrity in high-heat temperatures. Our flame-retardant polymer solutions display great resistance to harsh environments and substances such as automotive fluids and road salts.


Reliable, High-Heat Polymers for E-Drives

With a diverse selection of reliable, high-heat polymers for e-drives, Syensqo continues as the industry’s leading developer of material solutions for e-mobility. Our products impart a variety of e-drive applications with several advantageous performance and processing properties, from excellent dimensional stability and mechanical property retention, to high dielectric strength, flame retardance and chemical resistance. This portfolio is composed of renowned thermoplastics, fluoropolymers, fluids and elastomers, including Tecnoflon® FKM, Fomblin® PFPE, KetaSpire® PEEK, Torlon® PAI, Amodel® PPA, Ryton® PPS and Veradel® PESU.

Reinventing Efficient E-Drive Integration

Efficient drivetrain integration creates unique obstacles for a range of e-drive components and applications. Our portfolio of polymers for today’s most advanced e-drives provides OEMs with cutting-edge technology to maintain performance and facilitate optimal modularization processes. These specialty polymers are widely utilized in seals, motor bearings, seal rings, and thrust bearings, transmission speed sensors, solenoids, oil pump housings, and transmission oil cooling lines.

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Application Requirements Specialty Polymer Solutions

Flexibility to -40°C

Property Retention at +175°C

Resistance to Lubricants/Greases

Good Friction & Wear

Tecnoflon® FKM PL

Tecnoflon® FKM VPL

Motor Bearing Lubrication

-40 to +160°C

Conductivity to prevent electrical corrosion: Resistance < 10^5 Ωcm

High Speed Factor: DmN: 1,000,000

Fill for Life

Fomblin® M PFPE
Seal rings

Conformability (non leaking)

Property Retention up to 150°C

Ease of installation (elongation)

Dimensional Stability

Ketaspire® PEEK *

Torlon® PAI

Thrust Bearings

Compression Strength

Performance at T > 160°C

Dimensional Stability



Resistance to ATF

Ketaspire® PEEK *

Torlon® PAI

Transmission Speed Sensors

Resistance to chemicals and high temperatures

Dimensional stability

Electrical friendly

Amodel® PPA *

Veradel® PESU



Resistance to chemicals and high temperatures

Amodel® PPA *
Pump Housings

Dimensional Stability

Parts consolidation

Ryton® PPS *
Transmission Oil Cooling Line

Resistance to ATF at 150°C

Excellent burst pressure at elevated temperatures

Excellent long term heat aging resistance

Ryton® XE PPS *

* Products manufactured using 100% renewable energy.