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48V Belt Starter Generator

Enhancing Belt-Starter Generators with Syensqo Materials

To enhance motor properties and reduce costs of production, manufacturers continue to seek alternatives to conventional belt starter-generators. As e-mobility trends move towards lightweight and sustainable solutions, engineers need cutting-edge materials and products for belt-starter generators to meet the demands and innovative progress of the market. 

Syensqo’s vast portfolio of specialty materials for 48V belt starter-generators addresses the complex applications and need for optimized motors and powertrains. As a leading supplier of material solutions for various e-mobility applications, Syensqo provides several high-performance polymers with optimal mechanical, heat transfer, and electro-corrosion resistant properties for more efficient belt-starter generators.

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Innovative Materials for 48V Belt Starter-Generator Applications 

Syensqo’s selection of advanced polymers for 48V belt-starter generations addresses the various needs of critical motor components within electric vehicles. Our broad portfolio of solutions includes industry-proven brands such as Ryton® PPS, Amodel® Supreme PPA, Ketaspire® PEEK, Xydar® LCP, Omnix® HPPA, Xencor™ LFT and Ixef® PARA.

Supporting Manufacturers in Creating Better Motor Components

Manufacturers seek to create lightweight and resilient solutions for a variety of motor components. Syensqo’s extensive portfolio of cutting-edge materials is designed to impart mechanical and performance properties. Our specialty polymer solutions are used in a range of belt-starter generators and motor components, such as inverter components, structural components, pulleys and axles, magnet wires, and slot liners.

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