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Water Drops on Stain Resistant Fabric
Anti-Stain Agents


Our Additives and Specialty Polymers for Anti-Stain Coatings

Syensqo's portfolio of performance additives and specialty polymers improves anti-stain coatings, enabling formulators to meet some of the industry’s most demanding aesthetic challenges. Our range of products includes brands such as Hylar® PVDF, Diofan® PVDC, Rhodoline®, Sipomer®, and Fluorolink® PFPE, among others. 



  • Rhodoline® - Known for their versatile nature, Rhodoline® specialty additives are effective in a wide range of applications. These additives improve stability, adhesion and aesthetic properties in a variety of coatings solutions. 
  • Sipomer® - With formulations optimized for corrosion resistance, scrub resistance, scratch resistance and water resistance, the Sipomer® range of specialty monomers is designed to improve the longevity of anti-stain coatings. In most applications, these specialty monomers deliver both performance and aesthetic benefits.


Specialty Polymers

  • Hylar® PVDF - Hylar® PVDF specialty polymers help improve the anti-stain properties of coatings through excellent chemical and weather resistance. These sustainable solutions maintain outstanding aesthetic qualities and protect their substrates for long-lasting performance. 
  • Diofan® PVDC - Diofan® PVDC improves anti-stain properties by delivering excellent protective properties. This unique product range has great seal integrity and superior oxygen and water vapor barriers. 
  • Fluorolink® PFPE - From enhanced stain release properties to impressive water and oil repellency, Fluorolink® PFPE delivers exceptional results in coatings applications. Fluorolink® PFPE products are dynamic fluids based on perfluoropolyether technology that can be used in surface treatment solutions or as reactive oligomers for polymer modification.