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Water Drops on Stain Resistant Fabric

Anti-Stain Agents

Enabling Anti-Stain Optimization

As aesthetics remain a priority for consumers, coating formulators are tasked with delivering products that address expectations for attractive surface finishes and designs. Today’s coatings companies must deliver superior anti-stain properties while balancing cost and performance requirements. At Syensqo, we optimize anti-stain coatings with our performance additives, stabilizers and perfluoropolyether polymer technology.

Syensqo's Portfolio for Anti-Stain Coatings

Syensqo's broad portfolio includes a range of innovative solutions for anti-stain coatings for today’s most challenging stain-resistance issues. Polymer-based additives such as Hylar® PVDF and Diofan® PVDC enhance the performance of anti-stain coatings by offering excellent protective properties. Performance additives such as Rhodoline® and the Sipomer® lines of specialty monomers are known for improving the anti-stain characteristics of coatings. Additionally, Fluorolink® PFPE products deliver excellent oil, water and stain repellency due to their low friction rates, enhanced chemical resistance, and reduced surface energy.

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