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Solutions for Various Water Pumps Applications and Boiler Tank Components

Heating and cooling systems are exposed to extremely harsh environments that require a unique combination of mechanical, thermal, and resistance properties. Our broad portfolio of specialty polymers for water pumps and boiler tank components is designed to serve a range of complex performance requirements in today’s advanced impellers, pump bodies, tankless boilers, electrical heaters, hot water tanks, filters, and gas/particle separators and regulation valves.



Due to incessant motion and activity, impellers for heating pumps require materials that exhibit extremely high strength, outstanding dimensional stability, and high heat, wear, and chemical resistance. Syensqo's Ryton® PPS is specifically designed to provide impellers with impressive strength and longevity, as well as resistance to corrosion and degradation.


Pump Body, Tankless Boiler, Electrical Heaters

Pump bodies, tankless boilers and electrical heaters are frequently exposed to dichotomized temperatures and require materials that can handle instantaneous heating technology. Syensqo's Ryton® PPS and Amodel® PPA combine excellent thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties to provide the necessary stability and reliability in these applications. 


Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are subject to fluctuating temperatures, rust, corrosion and other forms of degradation and therefore require materials with resistance to these conditions. Syensqo's Radel® PPSU and Ryton® PPS offers outstanding thermal performance, strength and flame resistance, as well as resistance to stress-cracking and extreme temperatures. 


Filters and Gas/Particle Separators

Filters and gas/particle separators are essential for heating and cooling system efficiency, and they require materials with impressive mechanical performance, structural integrity and chemical and thermal stability. Syensqo's Ixef® PARA, Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS offer filter and separator manufacturers an ideal combination of properties such as high strength, thermal performance, chemical resistance and mechanical performance.  

Regulation Valves

Regulation valves are commonly exposed to high temperatures and dangerous pressures, and they must be made from materials that withstand these harsh environments. Syensqo's Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS enhance regulation valve performance by providing exceptional chemical reactivity, high thermal stability, and superior strength and toughness to handle these types of conditions.