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Water Pumps and Boiler Tank Components

High-Performance Solutions for Water Pumps and Boiler Components

As the heating and cooling market transitions from total metallic systems, water pump, and boiler components require high-performance polymeric solutions to ensure reliability and functionality. Whether manufacturing anything from impellers to hot water tanks and regulation valves, OEMs producing pumps and boiler tanks demand high-quality, thermal-resistant materials that offer ease of processing. 

Syensqo's portfolio of specialty polymers for water pumps and boiler components offers a variety of crucial thermal and mechanical properties with an optimal cost-performance balance. Our polymers for water pumps and boilers are hydrolysis-resistant, moldable, drinking water-approved, and rated at 95C resistance.


Metal-Replacement Polymers for Water Pumps and Boilers

Syensqo's selection of polymers for water pumps and boilers includes a variety of high-performance and high-strength materials. These specialty thermoplastics offer a dynamic range of in-use and processing benefits and include Radel® PPSU, Ryton® PPS, Amodel® PPA and Ixef® PARA.

Advanced Materials for Pumps and Boiler Tank Components 

Syensqo's polymers for water pumps and boilers are suitable for a variety of applications and components, as they deliver performance on par or greater than conventional metal without the risks of corrosion and abrasive wear. Equipped with high strength, hydrolytic stability, and other advantageous metal-replacement properties, these thermoplastics are widely utilized in modern impellers, pump bodies and electrical heaters, hot water tanks, filter and gas/particle separators, and regulation valves.

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