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Valves and Stop Valves


Specialty Polymers for Valves and Stop Valves

Syensqo's range of specialty polymers for valves and stop valves provides a cost-effective solution with increased performance, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility compared to metals. Manufacturers can select from Syensqo's broad portfolio of polymers to optimize stop valve components for plumbing and sanitary applications.

  • Radel® PPSU - Radel® PPSU is the highest performing polymer in its class, making it ideal for applications like valves and balls used in multilayer piping systems that operate under high pressures and temperatures. Compared to other sulfone polymers, Radel® PPSU offers quality and efficiency with the highest creep rupture resistance, in addition to higher fatigue resistance, better chemical resistance and higher impact strength than PSU.
  • Solef® PVDF - Solef® PVDF is well-suited for use in valves that are part of systems with high pressure and temperature requirements. This polymer offers high long-term hydrostatic strength (LTHS), superior barrier properties, high scratch resistance, ease of processing, and exceptional resistance to chemicals, UV light and fatigue.
  • Amodel® PPA – A semi-crystalline polymer, Amodel® PPA is ideal for valve stems with intermittent exposure to hot chlorinated water. It withstands high temperatures while maintaining low moisture absorption and providing resistance to creep and fatigue, superior dimensional stability and long-term reliability at a lower cost than metal. 
  • Ixef® PARA - Ixef® PARA offers high strength, stiffness, creep resistance, easy processing, low shrinkage, low warpage, low water pick-up and a high-quality surface finish even with 50% glass fiber reinforcement. It is especially well-suited for aesthetic applications like visible stems