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The Tough, Lightweight Alternative to Glass for Consumer Appliances

Benefits of Utilizing Specialty Polymers in Food Contact Goods

Glass is widely used in consumer appliances due to its structural and performance superiority, food contact compliance and transparency. However, glass usage can come at the expense of design limitations, fragility, heaviness and secondary manufacturing costs. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are strong, lightweight alternatives to glass with an unrivalled combination of properties so you can achieve:

  • High temperature and chemical resistance
  • Design and color flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Total manufacturing cost reduction
  • Reduced liability due to breakage 
  • Reduced cost of returns 

Syensqo offers a wide portfolio of materials that enable you to exceed the performance requirements of a range of applications in the kitchen environment. Xydar® LCP, Amodel® PPA, Veradel® PESU, Radel® PPSU, Udel® PSU and Ryton® PPS are just some of the specialty polymer solutions that have successfully performed in consumer appliances such as coffee machines, air fryers and microwaves.

In this webinar, our experts present case studies about how we helped customers to move beyond their current solutions by finding the best material for their needs.


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