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Advanced Ingredients for Customized  Hair Care
Hair Care


Everyday consumers are searching for specialized products that offer outstanding performance but are made with renewable, eco-friendly ingredients. As hair care trends continue to change, Syensqo remains at the forefront of innovation to address consumer demands and aid formulators in creating superior hair care solutions.

“We push the boundaries of hair care experience, from clean beauty and sulfate-free formulations to best-in-class hair repair.”

Stephanie Neplaz, Global Marketing Innovation Director, Hair Care at Syensqo

Although sulfated surfactants are commonly used as a cost-effective ingredient in traditional hair care solutions, more mild, sulfate-free solutions can be engineered to maintain outstanding cleansing and sensory properties. Sulfate-free formulations are sustainable and effective hair care options that also protect scalp and prevent hair fiber damage in high-performing shampoos. With Syensqo's innovative hair care solutions, formulators can develop cost-effective, sulfate-free solutions that combine eco-friendly ingredients and outstanding cleansing performance.

Syensqo offers a broad portfolio of innovative ingredients to maintain excellent hair conditioning performance and versatility in sulfate-free formulations. Miracare® Soft S 525 MB is a unique, multifunctional performance concentrate that serves as a flexible solution for sulfate-free formulations that retain foaming, thickening and cleansing properties. Formulators can rely on Jaguar® Optima as a wet and dry combing polymer that prevents build-up and is naturally derived for eco-friendly, opaque sulfate-free formulations. Manufacturers interested in creating clear sulfate-free formulations can implement Jaguar® Excel, a transparent naturally derived conditioning polymer with detangling and hair conditioning benefits. Additional ingredients for sulfate-free solutions include Geropon® T 77 PC MB, which is a mild anionic surfactant that produces a creamy lather and offers outstanding viscosity building in mild hair care formulations. Mirataine® DAB ULS MB can be used as an amphoteric surfactant that develops viscosity in transparent and stable formulations.


Consumers are more interested in maintaining their natural hair than ever before. Today’s formulators must innovate new textures, consistencies and functions to appeal to a range of consumers and deliver new sensory experiences in every hair care product for top-quality, natural results. Oil-infused formulations combine natural moisturizing and conditioning properties with innovative textures for effective solutions that enhance consumers’ natural hair properties.

While oils have been incorporated in beauty rituals for many years, Syensqo is at the forefront of the oil-infusion trend with our advanced products for implementation in oil-gels. Our emulsifier Mirataine® OMG MB, is designed for implementation in clear oil gel formulations for a range of textured hair solutions. Mirataine® OMG MB offers formulators a more natural material with glycerin serving as a carrier for transparent oil gel formulations. Syensqo's Alkamuls® PEG 16 CO is a naturally derived solubilizer that exhibits excellent compatibility with high levels of oil and fragrance, while maintaining rich foaming, clarity and cleansing performance. Additionally, Miracare® SLB 365 W offers formulators a high active surfactant system used to stabilize high levels of oils and other additives for excellent moisturizing and cleansing qualities.

As consumers express a clear desire for eco-friendly solutions and more transparency from hair care manufacturers, today’s formulators must design unique solutions to meet these needs. Consumers search for brands that create high-quality hair care products, while reducing their environmental impact and ensuring user safety. Syensqo's broad portfolio of sustainable solutions offers today’s hair care formulators high-performing products that are naturally derived, safe for a range of users and with a reduced water footprint to exceed consumers’ expectations. 

Consumers no longer have to choose between a lower-performing, eco-friendly hair care product and an effective, yet conventional solution. The clean beauty trend encourages beauty brands to solve this consumer dilemma by offering hair care products that improve the health of our planet and our hair. At Syensqo , we create ingredients that are sustainable, naturally derived, cruelty-free and completely safe so formulators can feel confident in the clean beauty products they develop for their devoted consumers. 

Syensqo is dedicated to ongoing innovation, which is why we continually develop sustainable ingredients for non-ecotoxic hair care solutions that are completely safe for the consumer to use. Our line of Jaguar® products are ethically formulated from guar that is sustainably grown by farmers in India, where we also invest in empowering women, improving the environmental footprint and increasing revenue for our farmers through our Sustainable Guar Initiative. Jaguar® C 162, Jaguar® HP 105 and Jaguar® Excel all offer unique benefits for natural hair care formulations, including excellent conditioning, gentle cleansing and superior sensory experiences. Jaguar® Optima also exhibits excellent compatibility as a cationic hair conditioning polymer in silicone-free and sulfate-free formulations with wet and dry combing properties.

Today’s average consumer grows their hair three inches longer than consumers’ hair from ten years ago. As longer hair is prone to split ends due to the brushing, detangling, UV and heat exposure that comes with regular hair maintenance, formulators must design a solution that repairs split ends without the need for a haircut or trim. Syensqo's innovative hair care ingredients allow formulators to develop split end repair formulations that maintain hair length, seal split ends, and mend and strengthen hair from root to tip. 

Syensqo is continuously developing our portfolio of ingredients to improve the quality of hair repair therapies. Polycare® Split Therapy is our high-performing, best-in-class hair repair ingredient that repairs more than 90% of split ends from the first use and exhibits resistance to washing, combing and heat. This naturally derived, non-ecotoxic hair care solution is versatile enough for use across all elements of a hair regimen. Additionally, Syensqo's Polycare® Rice C is a cationic, naturally derived hair conditioning agent with excellent detangling and moisturizing benefits for versatile hair repair. For formulators searching for a transparent natural conditioning polymer, Jaguar® C 162 is an eco-friendly polymer with tremendous wet and dry conditioning benefits, advanced sensory properties and is suitable for transparent hair repair formulations.