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Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO

A new versatile solubilizer, developed to be efficient by itself and  with different types of natural oils

Bio-based conditioning polymer for transparent formulations

Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO is a novel, versatile solubilizer for natural oils. Without compromising on clarity, stability, viscosity, foam and cleansing performance, formulators can create clear cleansing formulas infused with natural oils, at an efficient level (typically >0.9%), to deliver their powerful caring benefits to hair & skin. Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO is efficient by itself, to avoid solubilizer cocktails that formulators usually have to resort to.

Versatility and efficacy in formulations are key attributes for solubilizers. Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO is equally efficient at solubilizing different vegetable oils (Avocado, Sunflower and Coconut), regardless of their chemical features: saturated or not; lauric; oleic or linoleic. Alkamuls® PEG 16 CO does outperform the market benchmark solubilizers commonly use in this new trend. On top of the clarity our new solubilizer has a positive impact on foam richness and softness (dry stage).


Amount of solubilizer to obtain a cristal clear oil-infused formations



Delivering perceivable skin/ hair sensory benefits without negatives (weigh hair down, oily skin feel) and maintaining full transparency, to surprise consumer’s senses by conveying both purity, lightness yet high care.


Consumer benefits:

  1. Good conditioning
  2. Clean feel
  3. Sulfate-free shampoo
  4. For baby solutions



  • Transparent cationic guar
  • Good compatibility with anionic & amphoteric surfactants
  • Also suitable for baby hair, kids hair, fine hair, normal hair.
  • Clear grade suitable for hair damage, higher hair targets (damage level 3-4) achievable by combining with other conditioning ingredients  like botanical oils, esters…


Consumer applications:

  • Clear shampoo for daily use
  • baby hair
  • men’s hair
  • Slightly damaged hair
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