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Structural Parts for CMP Equipment

Syensqo's broad range of polymers offers metal-like performance for precision components during the CMP process. These solutions meet the market demands for semiconductor structural parts, retainer rings, pads, chemical delivery systems, and slurry abrasives.  


Structural Parts

CMP structural parts require exceptional mechanical and physical properties together with anti-stick performance and strong chemical resistance. Solef® PVDF and Halar® ECTFE, have good dimensional stabilities and mechanical properties under harsh chemicals and high operation temperatures, making them good choices for CMP tool construction.


Retainer Rings

Retainer rings need high-performance thermoplastics with incredible dimensional stability, low particulation, high wear resistance,   and fatigue resistanceRyton® PPSKetaSpire® PEEKAvaSpire® PAEK, and Torlon® PAI are ideal for semiconductor applications like CMP rings and etch chamber components as well as in wafer handling equipment such as cassettes.

Chemical Delivery System

The flow rate of chemicals in the CMP process is of utmost importance between the slurry and polishing pads. The chemical delivery system calls for innovative materials that promote a clean, polished operation and surface. Halar® ECTFE and, Solef® PVDFoffer processing stability, improved surface smoothness and chemical resistance.