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Probe station microscope


Improving Semiconductor Probe Performance

Syensqo is the industry’s most trusted partner to supply reliable materials for semiconductor manufacturing. Our industry-proven technologies aid prober OEMs by improving manufacturability while optimizing end-use performance. Manufacturers trust Syensqo's expertise when designing probe cards and temperature control units  for their wafer probing systems.


Probe Cards

Probe cards are one of the major components of a wafer prober. They ensure that the probes contact the wafer in a controlled and reliable manner at each test point. Torlon® PAI thermoplastics are an ideal fit for the probes because of their outstanding dimensional stability in severe service conditions of up to 260°C.


Heat Transfer

Tight control over the testing temperature is critical to an efficient and effective probing system. Galden® PFPE is available in a variety of boiling points to accommodate the most demanding probing environments while providing the chemical stability that has made Galden an industry leader. Newly developed Z-Galden® PFPE, which has a wider operable temperature range than Galden, can help to minimize complexity in tests covering a wide range of conditions.