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Silicon Wafers in plastic holder box
Wet Etching & Cleaning


Key Materials for Advanced Wet Etching Applications 

Our advanced solutions enhance many key wet etching components. Syensqo’s materials optimize components including the chemical delivery system, structural parts, o-rings and seals, UPW piping system and wafer containers.


Chemical Delivery System

Halar® ECTFE and Solef® PVDF improve the chemical delivery system used in wet etching. 


Structural Parts

Halar® ECTFE offers chemically resistant and thermally stable properties to meet the need for the high purity conditions of wet processing equipment. 


O-Rings and Seals

Tecnoflon® Fluoroelastomers (FKM) and Perfluorelastomers (FFKM) enhance O-rings and seals that are used in the semiconductor fabrication process and require a unique combination of properties to ensure optimal performance. 


UPW Piping System 

Solef® PVDF and KetaSpire® PEEK meet UPW’s special contamination specifications for high-purity conditions while simultaneously satisfying long-term mechanical and performance demands.


Wafer Containers

Wafer container manufacturers trust Syensqo to supply durable materials such as KetaSpire® PEEK which offer high-temperature service and virtually universal chemical resistance.