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N Protect™ Range

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Additives

What’s the biggest challenge for Nitrogen Fertilizer? Most is lost before it reaches the target

Nitrogen is the most important crop nutrient. It is critical to the plant growth and quality. However, only a fraction of the Nitrogen applied in the field is absorbed by the plants at the expense of the environment. 

Nitrogen fertilizers suffer from volatilization above ground as well as leaching into groundwater leading to significant Nitrogen loss.  

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AgRHO® N Protect™ Range addresses this challenge

AgRHO® N Protect™ is a patented range of eco-friendly Nitrogen stabilizers leveraging Syensqo’s expertise in Green Solvent technology and Agrochemical formulations.

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N Protect™ range increases farmer’s return on investment

Nitrogen stabilizers such as urease and nitrification inhibitors help to protect farmer’s investment in Nitrogen fertilizers. They increase the amount and the time that Nitrogen remains in the soil, available for the plant absorption.


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Find your tailored solution

Find the tailored Nitrogen stabilizer to meet your needs, discover results from Syensqo field trials, and learn more about N Protect™ Range with our application.