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sustainable solutions
Sustainable Formulations


Sustainable Solutions for Enhanced Coatings Products 

With more than 60 years of experience in coatings, Syensqo helps manufacturers meet the industry’s most significant challenges and achieve evolving sustainability goals. Discover our high-performing and sustainable coating solutions portfolio. 


Emulsifiers and Monomers

  • Abex® - Usable in a range of polymer systems, APE-free Abex® specialty emulsifiers are designed to improve the performance of emulsion polymers formulated for architectural and industrial coatings. 
  • Aerosol® - Aerosol® specialty surfactants are useful emulsifiers in a variety of polymer systems for acrylics. Available in biodegradable grades, Aerosol® surfactants improve performance in waterborne latex systems designed for waterborne architectural and industrial coatings, as well as waterborne adhesives. 
  • Reactsurf® - Reactsurf® is a family of APE-free reactive surfactants that functions as high-performance emulsifiers to address complex demands associated with architectural and industrial coatings and adhesives. Paints, coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) formulated with Reactsurf® exhibit superior functional and aesthetic benefits compared to conventional surfactants, such as reduced surfactant leaching in PSA clear label applications and dirt pick-up resistance in architectural coatings.
  • Rhodapex®Rhodapex® is a line of APE-free anionic emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization of different monomer systems. Well-suited for acrylic and styrene acrylic systems, these products offer good emulsion stability, excellent particle size control and may be suitable for food contact applications. 
  • Rhodasurf® - Syensqo's Rhodasurf® solutions are APE-free ethoxylates that provide better mechanical, chemical, freeze-thaw and pre-monomer stability for waterborne coatings formulations. 
  • Rhodoline® - Known for delivering significant performance enhancements, APE-free Rhodoline® specialty additives are beneficial for a wide range of coatings systems. These cost-effective, low odor additives come in label-free grades. They offer impressive chemical stability, in addition to anti-foam properties, improved wetting and pigment dispersion, freeze-thaw and open-time extension, and more. 
  • Sipomer® - The Sipomer® range of specialty monomers are designed to improve durability in waterborne architectural coatings, waterborne industrial coatings and waterborne adhesives. Binders made with APE-free Sipomer® specialty monomers enable better corrosion resistance, scrub resistance, scratch resistance and water resistance.  


Specialty Polymers 

  • Diofan® PVDC - Known for its outstanding adhesion and VOC-free content, Diofan® PVDC withstands the harshest of conditions. 
  • Fluorolink® PFPE - Fluorolink® PFPE products do not contain PFOA, PFOS or C8 telomere-like structures. These bifunctional products are designed as monomers for polymer modification to improve chemical and abrasion resistance, friction and stain repellency. 
  • Hylar® PVDF - Hylar® PVDF grades are sustainable solutions for various end-use applications. Weather-resistant and durable, PVDF coatings are also proven to reduce energy usage and overall costs. 
  • Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers - Hyflon® perfluoropolymers are a range of resins designed for high-temperature use and chemical resistance. Because of their durability and resistance even in harsh temperatures, these resins can be used in protective linings and coatings, release coatings and anti-stick coatings.