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5 Water Management Applications for Specialty Polymers

As water management and plumbing systems become increasingly complex, OEMs must develop innovative solutions to replace metal-based materials for higher performing and more cost-effective water management components. Sophisticated polymers for metal replacement in plumbing provide OEMs with durable and corrosion-resistant material alternatives that also allow for easier and faster installation processes. Syensqo’s specialty polymers for plumbing are compatible with nearly all parts of water management systems to produce efficient, chemically resistant and long-lasting components.


Fitting Components

Fitting components in water management systems must be able to withstand chemical exposure and high pressure environments while maintaining a secure fit between pipes. Syensqo’s corrosion resistant polymers offer no risk of chemical contamination and a lifetime of creep resistance to outperform metal-based components in compact water management systems. Drinking water-approved Radel® PPSU and Solef® PVDF are designed with extreme toughness and dimensional stability to ensure tightness and durability during lifetime fitting. 


Water Pumps and Boiler Components

Long-lasting plastics for plumbing allow water pumps and boilers to operate with higher efficiency, lower costs and more advanced thermal conductivity than traditional metals. Syensqo’s durable plastics for hot water and steam are designed to maintain high performance in the stringent environments found in water pumps and boilers. For example, Syensqo’s Ryton® PPS is specially formulated to maintain chemical and physical stability while withstanding thermal and mechanical distress in extreme temperatures in applications like PPS water pumps and boiler components.


Water Meters

Advanced polymers for metal replacement in plumbing ensure a more accurate measurement of water usage, higher corrosion and chemical resistance and easier assembly without the risk of contamination from metal. Syensqo’s corrosion-resistant polymers provide water meter components with longer-lasting and higher-quality properties that are certified lead-free and internationally-approved for drinking water. Amodel® PPA offers improved durability against oxidation, superior creep resistance and high thermal stability in both hot and cold water environments. Additionally, Omnix® HPPA offers OEMs a range of cost-competitive polymers for plumbing in a range of water meter components.



In plumbing applications, polymeric manifolds replace metal-based components due to their increased design flexibility, higher dimensional stability and the opportunity for overall cost reduction. Syensqo’s cost-competitive plastics for plumbing are formulated for better flow management and more cost-efficient installation in sophisticated plumbing systems. Syensqo’s Omnix® HPPA is a cost-effective polyamide that allows for more complex designs with impressive dimensional stability and low warpage.



Polymer-based cartridges for plumbing applications offer OEMs a cost-efficient, chemically resistant and dimensionally stable option to replace metal components. Syensqo engineers a variety of moldable polymers for plumbing cartridges that reduce lime scale buildup, promote complex designs, and provide a smooth surface finish for aesthetically pleasing components. To streamline manufacturing processes, Syensqo also develops several reliable polymers for plumbing that are certified for drinking water contact to promote high-performance and end-use safety. Amodel® PPA is a high-performing polyamide for plumbing that outlasts conventional plastics by exhibiting impressive dimensional stability and superior resistance to creep and fatigue. Additionally, Udel® PSU exhibits extremely high strength and heat resistance for more demanding cartridge applications where creep resistance and stability are necessary. 

For over 20 years, Syensqo has supplied the plumbing and water management industry with cost-effective and high-performing polymers for more advanced systems. Syensqo’s collection of polymers for water treatment systems are designed to remain durable, free of corrosion and resistant to chemicals in plumbing applications for 50 years or more.