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Wrist Watch Band

The Best Touch and Feel Experience for Wearables 

Designed to be Strong, Made to be Soft 


Our Specialty Polymers, designed for the most demanding environments, give superior sweat and tear resistance with ultra-comfortable and unparalleled soft-to-the-touch feel.


Tecnoflon® FKM for Wearables that Look Good and Feel Good

Tecnoflon® FKM fluoroelastomers are synthetic rubbers engineered to endure the most demanding environments thanks to strong chemical resistance and elevated temperature stability. So not only do they deliver superior robustness and resistance to sweat, stains and tearing, they are also supple and comfortable, silky and easy to color-match.

  • Ultra-comfortable, soft-to-the-touch feel
  • Better sweat and stain resistance
  • Greater suppleness for an easier one-wrist clasp
  • Higher density for premium-quality feel
  • Reduced band abrasion
  • More robustness and resistance to tearing
  • Easy to match popular colors

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