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Scrub Resistance

Advanced Solutions for Scrub-Resistant Coatings 

Scrub resistance is a measure of durability and refers to the ability of a dried paint or coating film to resist wear or degradation, despite exposure to chemicals or abrasive materials such as brushes. Emulsifiers, monomers and surfactants play a key role in helping paints and adhesives withstand wear. Waterborne architectural paints require these high-quality additives to maximize scrub resistance. Syensqo’s emulsifiers and surfactants provide improved scrub resistance, and our specialty monomers enhance wet scrub resistance in high-CPVC paints.


Syensqo’s Solutions for Scrub Resistance in Coatings Applications

Syensqo offers the coatings market a broad portfolio of high-performance monomers, surfactants, polymers and emulsifiers to improve scrub resistance in a range of coatings. Sipomer® COPS-1 and Sipomer® COPS-3 are versatile, APE-free stabilizers designed to work in a wide range of systems and applications to enhance scrub resistance. Rhodafac® PE 3016 and Rhodoline® WA 1801 emulsifiers and surfactants provide scrub resistance properties to high-PVC paints. Additionally, KetaSpire® PEEK is an abrasion-resistant polymer that withstands exposure to chemicals such as organics, acids and bases, and coatings based on Torlon® polymers yield durable, abrasion-resistant and thermally-stable films.

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