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Mechanical Performance

Improving Coatings with Mechanical Performance Optimization

The coatings industry continually seeks to make more durable products for customers. The demand for enhanced properties like strength and structural integrity has made mechanical performance a top priority when considering coatings materials. 

Syensqo's coatings solutions address the industry’s biggest challenges when it comes to optimizing mechanical performance. Our versatile brands offer the coatings industry enhanced friction and wear technologies and substantial long-term performance enhancements. From effective anionic surfactants to abrasion-resistant polymers and high melting-point fluoropolymers, Syensqo delivers technological improvements for coatings that enable continual high performance in the harshest of conditions. 


Polymer-Based Solutions for Mechanical Performance

For architectural and industrial paints, Syensqo's specialty polymers deliver outstanding mechanical performance enhancements. For instance, Halar® ECTFE  provides outstanding wear and friction resistance for various applications and provides  the hardest coating surface among partially fluorinated polymers. Additionally, KetaSpire® PEEK’s properties are the ideal solution to avoid friction and wear damage.

Solutions for Mechanical Performance Enhancement 

The coatings market consistently demands better friction and thermal resistance solutions, and these demands apply to various systems and surfaces, such as wood, metals, and more. Syensqo has decades of experience as a leading developer of advanced material and chemical solutions for coatings that address the industry’s most significant mechanical performance challenges with innovative technologies.

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