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Coatings Durability

Enhancing the Durability of Coatings

Coatings are often exposed to demanding environments, yet they are expected to maintain their performance and appearance properties. Balancing performance, sustainability and cost is a challenge across the industry, and it requires innovative solutions to ensure that requirements are consistently met. 

With decades of experience in coatings, Syensqo offers a diverse portfolio of specialty polymers, monomers, emulsifiers and other additives to support formulators in achieving resistance to corrosion, heat, chemical and weather conditions. Additionally, our solutions provide superior barrier properties for metal adhesion and moisture control to optimize the durability of coatings, and we provide light stabilizers that enable coatings to withstand exposure to UV light.


Syensqo's Solutions for Improved Durability

Our innovative solutions exhibit excellent performance in the most challenging environmental conditions and on a variety of surfaces. For example, Syensqo's Sipomer® PAM series, a monomer used in waterborne formulations, provides enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance for various metal applications. We also offer Rhodafac®, a phosphate ester emulsifier that delivers corrosion protection and water resistance on metal surfaces. Our portfolio also includes CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS®, which provide exceptional UV protection for solvent-borne and waterborne coatings systems.

High-Performance Solutions for Demanding Environments 

Superior resistance properties are essential to the long-term durability of coatings. Syensqo's broad portfolio includes solutions that deliver a wide range of functional benefits: anti-corrosion protection, weather resistance, high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, UV protection and more. 

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