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Electrical & Optical Performance

Advanced Electrical & Optical Performance for Coatings

Syensqo offers polymers of varying levels of optical and electrical performance that meet the demanding needs of specialized coatings, based on the inherent characteristics of each. Enhanced optical properties improve the performance of anti-reflective coatings and other coating applications. Our specialty polymers are designed to deliver high transparency to light and UV rays under exposure to other damaging conditions such as heat and moisture. Additionally, our specialty polymers optimized for electrical performance enable coatings to protect electrical equipment by providing insulation and thermal, chemical and corrosion resistance in harsh environments. 


Top Solutions for Improved Electrical & Optical Coatings

Syensqo's industry-proven portfolio includes a wide range of specialty polymers and additives. Additives and polymers such as Fluorolink® PFPE and Halar® ECTFE, respectively, are known for their transparency, high clarity and ability to react to radiation. As far as coatings for electrical insulation, Halar® ECTFE is known to offer top-class volume and surface resistivity combined with excellent chemical resistance. Ketaspire® PEEK for cable coating applications is a best-in-class product for its resistance to high-temperature environments. Additionally, Torlon® AI enhances essential components in highly resistant primers and adhesives systems.

Discover Materials that Deliver Reliable Electrical & Optical Performance

Syensqo's range of coatings products addresses the most challenging aspects of electrical and optical applications. Our technology facilitates the features necessary for coatings to have unrivaled electrical and optical performance advantages, ranging from thermal resistance and durability to insulation.

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