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Rheozan® Range

Rheozan® BLC

Natural Rheology Polymers for Personal Care and Home Care Formulations

The biodegradable suspension agent for personal care and home care applications

Rheozan® BLC is a ready-to-use natural liquid polymer with a composition based on bacterial cellulose that delivers high-suspension power in home and personal care products without impacting the viscosity of the formulation. The bacterial cellulose consists of very fine cellulosic fibers.  When added to liquid detergents for home care or cleansing products in personal care, these structures form a 3D entangled network thereby providing excellent suspension properties. This novel polymer is particularly indicated for suspending particles, actives or other insoluble ingredients in aqueous solutions without affecting the final or perceived viscosity of the formulation. It also has a low impact on foam properties and skin feel.


What consumer trend does it answer? 

  1. A 100% natural and readily biodegradable ingredient from biosynthesis processes 
  2. Unique visual cues for your formula, thanks to high suspension power  
  3. Concentrated fragrance for an optimum consumer experience
  4. A microplastic-free alternative to synthetic acrylates copolymer

"Rheozan® BLC combines the full power of nature and science for a win-win solution for formulators and consumers. It offers high performances with great sustainability credentials to fit circular beauty principles."

Marie Arzel, EMEA Business Development Manager at Syensqo

Biotechnology ingredient that addresses consumer concerns

Besides enhancing sustainability, flexibility, versatile activity, and combating a growing scarcity of natural ingredients globally, Rheozan® BLC is also designed to be more efficient at a lower dosage, making it a win-win solution for clean solution devotees. This clean ingredient opens new possibilities for formulation innovation and responds to the market demand for biodegradable solutions. It is derived from a biosynthesis process using the fermentation of starch by a specific strain of bacteria. This naturally engineered ingredient grows in a controlled environment offering guaranteed safety and quality.

Rheozan® BLC Biotechnology Manufacturing Process

Tailored solutions for personal care and home care applications

This COSMOS-validated rheology agent provides high-performing suspension at a low dosage for a wide range of visual cues, actives, or other insoluble agents and has a low impact on foam properties and skin feel. As it is non-persistent in the environment, this eco-friendly and flexible solution helps to preserve water quality and alleviate pressure on marine life. Rheozan® BLC is an ideal solution to replace Acrylates/Copolymer in rinse-off formulations.

Main attributes of Rheozan® BLC in beauty care formulations

  • 100% natural and biodegradable 
  • A circular design ingredient
  • COSMOS-validated 
  • Efficient at low usage level with powerful suspension properties

Typical applications of Rheozan® BLC in home care include suspending fragrance capsules at high concentration in liquid laundry detergent (over 0.3% w/w capsules with 2.5% loading) and suspension of abrasive particles and biocides in acidic toilet bowl cleaners. Rheozan® BLC can be used in conjunction with Rheomer® FC NAT, Syensqo’s natural thickening polymer and synergistically with Mackadet® OPR 2 to provide 100% natural and biodegradable opacification to home care formulas.

Main attributes of Rheozan® BLC in home care formulations

  • 100% natural and biodegradable solution 
  • Strong suspension at low active dosage 
  • Enables the concentration of fragrance in capsules 
  • Creates visual unique cues to reassure the consumer
  • No impact on viscosity allowing the added benefits of new functionalities 
  • Liquid form easy to use for a wide range of applications with low energy mixing
  • Excellent compatibility with enzymes 

Rheozan® BLC consists of cellulose fibres that form a suspending network when added to aqueous surfactant formulations. 

Rheozan® BLC in liquid surfactant formula

Rheozan® BLC at a glance! 

Category Function Benefits Applications
  • Suspension Aid
  • Improves compatibility
  • No impact on Viscosity
  • Easily soluble
  • Stable across a wide range of PH
  • High RCI 
  • Biodegradable
  • Laundry detergents
  • Hand wash
  • Dish wash
  • Cleaners
  • Rheology agent
  • Natural origin
  • A biotech beauty ingredient
  • Yield stress - High suspension power
  • No impact on viscosity
  • Ready-to-use liquid solution
  • Stable across a wide range of pH
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Replace Acrylates/Copolymers
  • Shampoos
  • Body wash
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Facial cleanser