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Smart Devices


Specialty Polymers for Wearable Devices


As the industry leader in specialty materials for smart devices, Syensqo’s broad portfolio of products can be found in several integral components of today’s most advanced wearable devices. Our portfolio of smart phone polymers are used in several internal electronic and structural applications. These materials provide next-generation watch bands with excellent haptics, unparalleled soft-to-the-touch feel, high density, and superior sweat and tear resistance. Additionally, our specialty polymers enable ease of processing to accommodate an array of demanding manufacturing procedures, and significant design flexibility for enhanced customization.


Durable, Premium Haptics for Next-Generation Watch Bands

Bands designed for traditional watches or wearable smart devices often display a rough surface finish and yellowing after UV exposure. Additionally, current materials are easily stained and tend to result in damage or breakage after extensive wear. As a result, consumer requirements for next-generation watch bands present OEMs with a unique and challenging checklist of capabilities and characteristics. The best wearable bands are equipped with excellent haptics and high density for a durable, but soft and silky feel. Consumers continue to develop increasingly versatile expectations regarding their smart devices, and accordingly, bands for wearables must be more robust and tear resistant, and must exhibit good stain, UV and chemical resistance. 

Industry Performance Requirements: soft and silky touch, premium haptics, good resilience, high density, stain resistance, UV resistance and chemical resistance

Structural Applications and Components

Syensqo’s portfolio of specialty polymers for smartphones and wearables provides OEMs with an extensive selection of choice materials for durable, lightweight structural and cosmetic frames with superior stiffness and impact properties, good RF transparency and excellent processing compatibility. Next-generation smart devices require innovative and dependable materials for structural applications, such as plastic-metal hybrid structures and antenna splits.

Featured Products

Kalix® HPPA and Amodel® PPA offer outstanding mechanical strength and rigidity, as well as extremely high temperature tolerance, ideal for wearable structural housing that needs reliable performance. These high-performance polymers display excellent property retention during exposure to the demanding environments of wearable component processing as well as outdoor application conditions. 

Kalix® HPPA is specially designed for structural applications where both rigidity and a high-quality surface finish are essential, and simultaneously provides OEMs with processing improvements such as low warpage, reduced shrinkage and low-to-no flash. 

Amodel® PPA is an aromatic polyamide that outperforms traditional materials in a range of manufacturing processes. Components made with Amodel® PPA exhibit a greater resistance to a broad range of chemicals and extremely high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures. 

Additionally, check out our products for electronic components of smartphones and wearables, such as chassis, brackets and buttons.