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Enhancing Applications from Bumper to Bumper

The wide range of e-mobility applications gives designers, engineers and manufacturers endless opportunities to optimize performance, enhance safety and achieve greater sustainability goals. Syensqo offers a comprehensive selection of specialty polymers, advanced composites and chemicals that give OEMs the tools they need to develop next-generation e-mobility applications.


Batteries with higher energy density, greater power, and lower cost are vital for the future of e-mobility. Our solutions and technologies include fluorinated electrolyte additives, salts, binders, and separators which improve the performance of the new generation of Li-Ion batteries, offer higher stability and allow batteries to work at higher voltages while increasing range and reducing costs. Additionally, Syensqo’s composite materials are optimal for use as partial metal-replacement solutions in battery pack applications, as they offer high lightweighting potential. Discover more.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections
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A highly efficient electric drivetrain integrates multiple systems into a single unit that is multifunctional, reduces overall weight, delivers better packaging space, and improves overall efficiency. Syensqo’s extensive range of solutions for electric drivetrains includes high-temperature polymers that retain impressive levels of strength, stiffness and mechanical integrity even after thousands of hours at elevated temperatures. Discover more.


With the right materials that maintain electrical and mechanical performance, engineers and manufacturers can create efficient e-motors exposed to higher voltages, higher temperatures, and new cooling fluids. Syensqo’s solutions for e-motors boost power and efficiency in critical components like magnet wires, slot liners and wedges, connectors and busbars, seals, and cooling systems. Discover more.

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Power Electronics

Safety is key in power electronics applications, especially as components are increasingly exposed to higher temperatures and must maintain performance without resulting in electro-corrosion. Syensqo’s specialty polymers for power electronics retain strength and stiffness in temperatures up to 280°C, offer inherent flame retardancy and deliver excellent resistance to automotive fluids. Discover more.

48V Belt Starter Generator

The 48V belt start generator can be an ideal, cost-effective solution to increase power in electric vehicles. Materials used in this unique application should deliver safety benefits such as flame retardancy and electro-corrosion resistance, as well as advantageous properties like optimizing heat transfer and assembly processes and reducing weight for improved efficiency. Discover more.

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Hydrogen energy storage gas tank with solar panels

Green Hydrogen

Clean hydrogen, known as green hydrogen, is becoming a key development area for the future of mobility. Manufacturers are looking to produce high performing fuel cells and rely on innovative electrolyzers to develop this green alternative. Syensqo’s hydrogen solutions enable improved decarbonization to help make automotive transportation truly sustainable. Discover more.

EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle chargers are key conductors in enabling the future of transportation and e-mobility. However, EV charger manufacturers in the industry face serious safety concerns, including thermal instability and insulation issues. Our technologies ensure that electric vehicle chargers overcome pressing concerns while delivering faster charging speeds, to keep electric vehicles safer and on the road for longer. Discover more.

Man charging electric car