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Rhodafac® PE 3016

High-Scrub Resistant Emulsifier

Water resistance improvment


Rhodafac® PE 3016 is an APEO free anionic surfactant recommended in latex synthesis to improves Scrub Resistance and Freeze-Thaw stability. 


Rhodafac® PE 3016 benefits

  • Provides excellent scrub resistance in high PVC paints based on Vinyl Acrylics
  • Improved Freeze/Thaw stability of latex systems
  • APEO free anionic surfactant

Rhodafac® PE 3016 features

  • Recommended in latex synthesis for all Acrylic, Vinyl/Acrylic, Styrene/ Acrylic systems
  • Applications : Waterborne paints & coatings and adhesives 
  • Normal usage level in latex: around 0.5% - 1.0% (BOTM)
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