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Industrial & Protective Coatings

Next-Level Protection for Industrial Coatings

The industrial coatings market constantly sees growth in consumer demands and strict regulations that shape the industry’s priorities. As the needs of the coatings market continue to evolve, manufacturers require durable industrial coatings with diverse protective properties. 

For decades, Syensqo's innovative solutions have delivered a wide range of trusted products designed to enhance the durability and performance of industrial coatings. From additives and solvents to specialty polymer solutions, Syensqo's portfolio delivers next-level protection for coatings exposed to an abundance of harmful environments. Our renowned brands provide optimal longevity of coating performances through our comprehensive, sustainable, and advanced technological solutions.

Our Solutions for Industrial & Protective Coatings

Close up of male factory worker spray painting a red crane in factory workshop, China

Syensqo's Advanced Materials for Industrial Coatings

Our portfolio of diverse materials for industrial coatings includes industry-proven solutions to guarantee enhanced quality, protection and durability. Our line of additive solutions and solvents include Sipomer®, Rhodasurf®, Rhodafac®, to enhance the performative properties of industrial coatings. Additionally, our portfolio of trusted specialty polymer solutions feature brands such as Hylar® PVDF, Diofan® PVDC, Polymist® and Algoflon® L PTFE Micronized Powders and Halar® ECTFE

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