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Plumbing & Sanitary


Advanced Materials for Challenging Water Management Applications

From valves and fittings to faucet cartridges and fillers, plumbing and sanitary applications require materials with unique properties that ensure durability and reliable performance over time. Syensqo's solutions for plumbing and sanitary components are optimized for the most challenging water management environments and can withstand exposure to extreme chemical, temperature, and pressure conditions.

Faucet Cartridges

Faucet cartridges must be developed with materials that deliver dimensional stability, excellent resistance properties, impressive strength and an attractive surface finish to ensure reliable and safe performance. Syensqo's specialty polymers feature these properties and more, with multiple grades approved for drinking water contact through several global agencies. Discover more.

Faucet cartridge_building


Fittings come in many forms, each optimized for specialized plumbing and sanitary system applications. These materials require excellent creep resistance and thermal stability, in addition to approvals for drinking water contact, to ensure water safety. Syensqo offers several products that are certified through global regulatory agencies for contact with drinking water. Discover more.

Valves and Stop Valves 

Metal replacement in valves and stop valves is becoming increasingly desirable due to design flexibility and corrosion resistance benefits offered by polymers. Syensqo's specialty materials for valves and stop valves offer a cost-competitive material solution that optimizes performance and reliability in plumbing and sanitary systems. Discover more.

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Water Meters_Building Photos

Water Meters

As advanced electronics are integrated into water management applications, OEMs are innovating next-generation water meters that deliver precise measurements and promote water purity and sustainability efforts. Syensqo's high-performing materials are ideal for water meters exposed exclusively to hot or cold water, as well as devices in hot and cold water applications. Discover more.