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Syensqo Polyurethane Catalyst Featuring Low Emission & Low Odor

Our extensive ranges of technologies enable us to offer series of catalysts to meet different applications, continue developing innovations and provide advanced products as well as services in the increasing but changing market of polyurethane.

A number of dedicated or multipurpose production units with backward integration of amine products make Syensqo a reliable and customer-focused PU catalyst comprehensive solution provider.

Construction Site, Styrofoam Insulation



FENTACAT™ 23 is is used as a polyurethane catalyst in rigid foam formula. FENTACAT™ 23 has the similar foaming properties as common balanced catalysts: FENTACAT™ 8 , but with wilder smell and less emission.




FENTACAT™ 100LE is a reactive gel catalyst, which has similar foaming properties as FENTACAT™ F33. Widely used in flexible slabstock and high resiliency (HR) foam grades.



Markets & Applications

Syensqo amine catalysts can be applied to flexible, rigid, semi-rigid and CASE formulation. Syensqo also offers low odor, reactive type and low emission special amine catalysts for high-end application such as automotive, furniture, etc. 


Why Syensqo?

Experience in the Market 

Syensqo holds a leading position in Asia Pacific for its development and production of fatty and functional amines. Our extensive experience in the market allows us to work with our customers in creating new opportunities to fit their ever changing business activities. 

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Process

Up to date, efficient facilities coupled with our experience enable us to consistently develop high quality products. In addition, the R&D facilities give us strength in the development of new products. 


Our product range include C8 to C22 chain lengths for fatty amines; primary to tertiary amines. We use acrylonitrile or methylamines as feedstock which gives us strength in the C3 range of functional amines. 


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