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Flame retardant fabrics and garments

Discover our best in class technology available for fire safety in textiles and garments: flame retardant protection for the lifetime of the garment, strict quality procedures and extremely comfortable for wearers in Industrial and Personal environments.

PROBAN® is a quality controlled technological process that gives cotton and cotton-rich woven and knitted textiles flame retardant properties that are durable to long term use. Articles manufactured from PROBAN® fabrics provide reliable flame retardant performance and peace of mind to industrial, institutional and end-consumers through-out the world while conforming with industry fire regulations.  Moreover, PROBAN fabrics maintain their strength, color and flame retardant protection properties when exposed to UV light and are thus perfectly suitable for outdoor work environments.


Customers’ Challenges

Syensqo PROBAN® fabrics and garments are available from various sources:

  • PROBAN® Licensee Network
  • PROBAN® Fabric Suppliers
  • PROBAN® Garment makers
  • PROBAN® fabrics are manufactured on a strict quality control basis through agreed Syensqo licensees. Licensees are monitored closely to ensure all PROBAN® fabrics continue to meet industry regulations for flame retardancy. 


Solutions & Benefits

PROBAN® is a trademarked, quality controlled technological process based on specific chemicals developed by Syensqo. The process takes place at the finishing stage of cotton and cotton blended fabrics and involves various very specific steps - the technology is only available to PROBAN® licensees.

Health and Safety

Syensqo has conducted multiple studies which conclude PROBAN® fabrics and garments safe and comfortable for end consumers. PROBAN® garments cause no skin sensitization and skin irritation. PROBAN® fabrics and garments can be supported by:

  • Oeko-tex® 100 label
  • EU Ecolabel

Quality Control

PROBAN® fabrics and garments are processed with Syensqo’s strict manufacturing processes. Fabric samples are rigorously tested before they are commercially available via Syensqo appointed licensees. Licensees have been carefully selected based on their ability to finish PROBAN® fabrics to the highest level of quality. To obtain a license, Textile manufacturers must demonstrate that they have the necessary technical skills and equipment. Syensqo supplies all PROBAN® licensees with state of the art PROBAN® technology, chemicals, specialized training, on-going technical support and certification to maintain highest quality standards for PROBAN® fabrics, garments and other end articles.

PROBAN® Process

PROBAN® is the result of a quality controlled, state of the art, technological process which takes places at the finishing stage of cotton and cotton-blended textile manufacture. The PROBAN® process uses Syensqo's patented and licensed technology to form a special cross-linked polymer inside the cotton fibres. The process of PROBAN® polymer formation is irreversible. The polymer is completely insoluble and is embedded in the body of the fibre to form a cotton-PROBAN composite. 



PROBAN® fabrics and garments are designed to offer comfortable and lifelong protection against heat and flame to end users across multiple industries: Industrial workforce, Services Personnel, domestic and motorsports. 

Industrial Workforce Application

  • Electrical and Maintenance Utilities
  • General Worker Applications
  • Oil & Gas
  • Welding
  • Metal Working

Service Personnel Application

  • Military, Police and Emergency Response Crews
  • Wildland Fire Fighting

Domestic Application

  • Bedding
  • Sleepwear and Nightwear
  • Upholstery

Motor Sport Application

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