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Rhovea®, the vanillin solution for non-food purposes

Rhovea® is the non-food vanillin widely used in Fragrance Industry, Pharmaceutical and Agro-chemical applications thanks to its key properties.

Also, Syensqo has a specific grade, Rhovea® Feed, which offers benefits to meet the Animal Nutrition needs. 

This vanillin range completes Syensqo Food grades of vanillin and ethyl-vanillin ranges, well-known under the key brands, Rhovanil®, Rhodiarome® and Rhovanil® Natural, henceforth dedicated to the food & beverage industries. 


Rhovea® benefits in Fragrance applications

  • Sweet notes enhancement
  • Consistent quality
  • Unique sensory profile
  • Very high stability in all applications
  • Performance ensuring a long-lasting effect

Rhovea® Feed benefits in Animal Nutrition applications

  • Improves feed product palatability
  • Whets the appetite of animals
  • Masks off-notes of feed additives
  • Enhances feed intake
  • Standardised the product’s taste


Syensqo Security and reliability of supply

Rhovea® vanillin range is obtained thanks to a safe and consistent industrial expertise.

This process ensures a unique traceability all along the manufacturing chain in the  sister production units around the globe. 

This supply chain security is key, as each plant produces Rhovea® under the same stringent conditions.

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