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Guar gum and derivatives


Syensqo's Tiguar® plays a critical role in the development of shale gas and oil. Guar based fracturing fluids continue to be the most effective and reliable method for propagating fractures and placing proppant in a broad range of well conditions.


Features & Benefits

  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Used in extreme conditions
  • Hydrates quickly
  • Broad viscosity range
  • Low residue
  • Can be tailored to well specifications
  • Cross-linkable with borate, zirconium, or titanium organic salts to further increase bond strength and stability 

Our Products

Tiguar® 411 - Low viscosity, hydration in cold water and poor quality TDS water
Tiguar® 415 - High viscosity, high dispersion, recommended for batch jobs
Tiguar® HP8FF - High viscosity, fast hydration for large jobs done on the fly

Tiguar® 418 - Double derivatized for higher temperature applications, versatile in poor quality water


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