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Organic green lettuce plants / salad vegetable cultivation

Cyasorb A & B Series

Improving resource efficiency in agriculture and construction

Feeding a growing planet despite increasing climatic challenges and dwindling water resources requires solutions that can increase agricultural yields without draining additional resources.
One solution is to extend the lifespan of the plastic films used for greenhouse coverings, which protect crops from external aggression and help maintain optimal growing conditions such as temperature and humidity. Syensqo’s UV stabilizers improve the lifetime of polyolefin films and their resistance to pesticides, thereby reducing the frequency of film replacement. They also contribute to reducing water needs and, ultimately, achieving more sustainable crop yield.
In construction, environmental performance is a growing concern and, increasingly, a regulatory requirement as well. The industry needs more durable and resilient materials that are recyclable, easier-to-install and more energy-efficient.  

Syensqo’s polymer additives provide UV and thermal protection to polyolefins, improving the durability of a wide range of construction materials, from roofing membranes and tiles to composite decking, siding and shutters.They support the replacement of traditional building materials, such as bitumen-based solutions, with more sustainable and durable plastic-based alternatives.

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