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MAXGOLD® chemistry has been shown to offer the following improved performance characteristics in the flotation plants:

  • Demonstrated robustness in plant operation – reduced variability in plant recoveries, and improved overall gold recovery of 2-4% or greater.

  • A greener profile than standard products, especially xanthates.

  • Very effective in the flotation of pyrite and arsenopyrite in mildly acidic and neutral circuits.

  • Can operate in a broad pH range, thus it can be used for copper/gold ores with selectivity against pyrite in mildly alkaline and alkaline pulps.

  • Provides greater flexibility in terms of addition point (mill, sumps, conditioners, regrind, etc).

  • Can also be also used as a secondary collector at low dosages (5g/t-15g/t), in conjunction with other collectors in the rougher or cleaner circuits.

  • Faster kinetics in the flotation of sulfides and precious metals than traditional collectors; this is an important advantage in circuits with shorter residence time.

  • Improved recovery of middlings or composite particles.

  • Effectiveness at significantly lower dose rates as compared to traditionally used collectors such as xanthates.

  • Greater flexibility in use as a partial replacement for xanthates.

  • Excellent collector for bulk sulfide flotation and precious metal values including free gold, electrum, and tellurides.

  • Excellent collector for Cu, Au and Mo values from Cu-Mo-Au ores requiring no secondary collectors.

  • Can be used at low doses (5g/t-10g/t) in flash float cells, improving recovery of precious metals and gold-bearing iron sulfides.

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