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Product Guide

Halar® ECTFE

Halar® ECTFE is a lightweight, semi-crystalline and melt-processable fluoropolymer that offers complete chemical resistance to the full line of semiconductor chemicals and solvents. Because of its unique structure and unparalleled blend of physical and mechanical properties, this high-performance polymer combines excellent chemical resistance, wide temperature range, outstanding abrasion resistance and superior impact strength for outstanding ease of processability and higher performance in wet tools construction. Halar® ECTFE is an ultrapure, wetted-parts-suitable polymer with a micro-smooth surface to offer low particle hang-up and easier cleanability. As an FM4910 listed material, this high-grade polymer inherently offers outstanding fire resistance with no fixed fire protection. In addition to its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties, this sophisticated fluoropolymer outperforms other plastics in the retention of weld strength, swelling, weight loss, color and surface changes. 

Halar® ECTFE is available in a range of melt viscosities to provide flexibility in traditional extrusion processes as well as in blow, compression, injection, rotational molding and transfer molding applications. Additionally, this advanced specialty polymer is used in electrostatic powder coating in exhaust duct systems, protective linings, electroplating, etching and cleaning tools and chemical distribution lines. As an FM4910 listed product that meets the UL2360 standard, Halar® ECTFE is used for fire-safe cleanroom wet bench and tool construction. Additionally, because of its extreme purity, Halar® ECTFE is suitable for use in powder coatings in ultrapure water (UPW) systems such as filter housing, ion exchange beds and storage tanks. 


Galden® HT PFPE

Galden® HT PFPE is a family of inert, dielectric and high-performance heat transfer fluids that offer low evaporation rates and low viscosity with boiling points ranging from 55°C to 270°C and an end-use temperature of up to 290°C. This wide service temperature range is broader than other fluorinated heat transfer fluids and equips semiconductor devices with the ability to operate in highly aggressive conditions. In addition to its extremely high thermal stability, these sophisticated fluids exhibit exceptional chemical inertness, zero corrosion to metals, low surface tension, no flash point, complete nonflammability and outstanding compatibility with various materials. As these dielectric fluids are formulated specifically for high-heat applications, the use of Galden® HT PFPE is completely safe and effective for use in harsh environments and results in low evaporation loss. 

Galden® HT PFPE’s excellent dielectric properties and high chemical stability combined with the capacity to operate at very low as well as elevated temperatures make this line of high-performance specialty polymers the best heat transfer fluids for the aggressive conditions found in many semiconductor processes, electronic, and solar industries. Engineered with extremely low surface tension, low evaporation losses and enhanced compatibility with a range of materials, Galden® HT PFPE fluids are capable of wetting almost all the conventional sealing and gasket materials at a low cost of ownership. 


Fomblin® PFPE

Fomblin® PFPE is a family of perfluorinated polyether inert fluids that offer low evaporation weight loss, excellent chemical inertness and high-temperature resistance. Additionally, these sophisticated fluids are equipped with excellent lubricant properties, outstanding compatibility with various materials, no flash or fire point, exceptional radiation stability and high dielectric properties. As the Fomblin® PFPE chemical chain only contains carbon, fluorine and oxygen atoms, these high-performing, nontoxic fluids will not polymerize when exposed to oxygen, ionizing radiation or accelerated subatomic particles. 

Fomblin® PFPE combines a low molecular weight variation and controlled viscosity with an extremely low vapor pressure to offer superior performance in various applications. Specifically, these high-grade fluids are suggested for use in applications requiring the highest quality vacuum such as scanning electron and transmission microscopes, mass spectrometers, particle accelerators, ion implantation, plasma and vapor deposition processes. In addition, Fomblin® PFPE fluids are suggested for pumps handling reactive gases such as UF6, F2, oxygen, ozone and tritium, as the fluid can be used in direct contact with these gases without reaction or fluid degradation. With the use of Fomblin® PFPE, systems stay free of varnish and deposits from fluid decomposition. 


Solef® PVDF

Solef® PVDF is an exceptionally pure, non-reactive thermoplastic specially designed for semiconductor components. Its intrinsic chemical stability and fire and oxidation resistance enable Solef® PVDF to withstand some of the most aggressive environments without degradation. Additionally, the outstanding purity of this specialty fluoropolymer ensures that it does not need additives, fillers, pigments or fire retardants which present the risk of leaching out. Solef® PVDF serves as an optimal replacement for traditional materials used in UPW systems such as stainless steel, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene, which can compromise purity and permit complications, including stress cracking and biofilm adhesion over time.  

Due to their excellent chemical inertness, advanced purity and virtual absence of released contaminates, Solef® PVDF resins are especially well-suited for ambient and hot UPW pipe system components. Solef® PVDF is also used extensively in other wafer handling equipment applications, such as wet benches, sheet linings and powder coatings, as well as for HP chemical tubings and fittings. 


KetaSpire® PEEK & PEEK XT

KetaSpire® PEEK is a reliable, high-performance polymer ideal for semiconductor packaging, assembly and test applications. This high strength, dimensionally stable PEEK demonstrates chemical resistance that is on par with fluoropolymers, and offers best-in-class fatigue resistance. Ketaspire® PEEK provides a wide range of semiconductor applications with critical performance attributes, including high thermal resistance, low ionic properties and outstanding creep resistance. KetaSpire® PEEK XT offers the industry’s first true high-temperature PEEK, with enhanced performance at extremely elevated temperatures and in high-pressure environments. KetaSpire® PEEK XT polymer has a glass transition temperature of 170°C (338°F), 20°C (36°F) higher than standard PEEK. Additionally, it has a peak melting temperature of 385°C (725°F) which is 45°C (81°F) higher than standard PEEK.

KetaSpire® PEEK serves as an optimal alternative to metal in a range of structural applications, due to its superior strength and stiffness. Its exceptional combination of dimensional stability, low particulation and fatigue resistance make KetaSpire® PEEK the material of choice for structural components that require repeated motion. This high-performance thermoplastic is widely used in semiconductor applications, including CMP rings and etch chamber components, as well as in wafer handling equipment, such as cassette and housing.

For similar performance benefits, Syensqo’s AvaSpire® PAEK 600 series is a family of high-performance polyketones specifically designed with comparable mechanical performance and heat resistance to its PEEK counterparts. Contact an expert for a thorough comparison.


Tecnoflon® FFKM

Tecnoflon® FFKM is a family of fluoroelastomers specifically designed for demanding sealing applications in aggressive chemical and high-heat environments. With extremely high thermal resistance (up to 340℃) and low metal content, Tecnoflon® FFKM exhibits outstanding performance in the most challenging semiconductor processing environments. Resistant to the full line of semiconductor chemicals, Tecnoflon® FFKM has been specially tailored for the semiconductor industry. Additionally, Tecnoflon® FFKM offers superior strength, high purity and good plasma resistance, ideal for long service life applications. 

Tecnoflon® FFKM is used in a wide variety of critical sealing applications for both wet and dry processes, such as etching, deposition, patterning and wet cleaning. Its most typical applications include specialty O-rings, specialty seals, bonded gates and chemical delivery system components. 


Torlon® PAI

Torlon® PAI is a family of polyamide-imides that offers exceptional performance properties with melt-processing advantages for semiconductor OEMs. These advanced engineering plastics offer outstanding strength and wear resistance combined with excellent thermal tolerance, as they retain strength up to 260℃ and their dimensional stability up to 270℃. Additionally, Torlon® PAI exhibits precision machinability to extremely tight tolerances, and demonstrates resistance to many of the harsh chemicals found in the semiconductor industry.  

Torlon® PAI displays a multitude of desirable performance characteristics for semiconductor applications, including CMP rings, etch chamber components and burn-in test sockets. Additionally, these specialty plastics are effective alternatives to metal in many high-temperature friction and wear applications, even where lubrication is marginal or non-existent. Available in specially designed wear-resistance grades, Torlon® PAI offers unsurpassed performance in both dry and lubricated conditions. 


Veradel® PESU, Udel® PSU

Veradel® PESU and Udel® PSU are amorphous, high-performance sulfone polymers well-suited for semiconductor applications. With an unrivaled combination of chemical resistance and heat deflection, Veradel® PESU and Udel® PSU demonstrate resistance to an array of harsh semiconductor chemicals and retain strength and dimensional stability up to 180℃. Additionally, these high-quality sulfone resins are compatible with precision injection molding, allowing OEMs to easily mold components to tight tolerances. Veradel® PESU also offers excellent electrical properties and is inherently flame retardant, which is ideal for the testing and processing of semiconductor applications. 

The well-rounded chemical properties, low ionic performance and low out-gas performance of Veradel® PESU and Udel® PSU make them particularly optimal for wafer handling equipment, including cassette and housing, burn-in test sockets and semiconductor packaging.