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Pharmaceutical grade surfactant

Docusate Uses in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Docusate is used in the pharmaceutical industry both as an active pharmaceutical ingredient at high concentrations (typically 100 mg to 250 mg) for laxative products, and as an excipient where it provides exceptional wetting properties to formulate hydrophobic active ingredients.

As a laxative, Docusate is extremely gentle. Unlike irritant and stimulant laxatives, Docusate is a stool softener laxative without side effects of cramping. It will increase the amount of moisture to stools, making them softer and easier to pass, and will provide a comfortable bowel movement.

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As an excipient, it is the best wetting agent in the pharmaceutical industry. It allows in particular to wet very hydrophobic active ingredients, stabilize micro or nano dispersions and disperse formulations in wet granulation and direct compression.

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Docusate product forms

Docusate is available from Syensqo with different counter ions (Sodium, Calcium, Potasssium) and different physical forms (pure waxy material, free flowing powder or liquid). These products are all manufactured under cGMP conditions, with USP/EP monographs compliance, US DMF filed and EU CEP Certificate of suitability approved. Syensqo provides a strong quality and regulatory support to ease drug approval processes.

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