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Pharmaceutical grade surfactant

Docusate sodium USP and Docusate Calcium USP are used extensively in stool softener formulations to provide consistent, predictable, and gentle relief. This highly effective and versatile anionic surfactant (surface active agent) is used as an active ingredient in a variety of combination laxative/stool softener formulations. Our pharmaceutical-grade Docusate products are manufactured to the highest quality standards under cGMP, and offer exceptional quality and performance as active ingredients.


Docusate is particularly effective as an active ingredient in:

  • Laxatives & stool softeners – for prevention and treatment of various types of constipation, can be used alone or as an adjuvant with other laxatives, with a typical usage level of 0.1-1.0 % by weight
  • Prenatal & geriatric vitamin preparations – to overcome constipation induced by iron salts
  • Colon cleansing aids – in preparation of a patient for X-ray examination or surgery
  • Ear wax removal – acts as a wetting agent to soften compacted wax


  • Pharmaceutical grade, manufactured under cGMP ; EP and USP compliant

  • Virtually free from adverse reactions when used in recommended doses

  • Effective alone or in combination with peristaltic stimulants and bulking agents

  • Docusate comes in 4 product forms:

    • Docusate Sodium 100% waxy material and 85% powder (Docusate Granular) for tablets

    • Docusate Sodium 50% in PEG 400 and Docusate Calcium 50% in Corn Oil for softgels


  • Meets standards of quality, strength, purity, and potency recognized worldwide

  • Causes the least possible disturbance of normal body physiology; non habit-forming

  • Allows ability to optimize formulations and enhance performance results

  • Multiple product types provide flexibility in handling and ease of use.

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