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Pharmaceutical grade surfactant

Docusate: The best wetting agent in the pharmaceutical industry
Docusate sodium is a pharmaceutical grade surfactant, very efficient wetting, emulsifier, dispersing and solubilizing agent. Syensqo offers Docusate sodium as:

  • Docusate Sodium: waxy material 100% active
  • Docusate Granular: powder 85% active combined with NF grade sodium benzoate
  • Docusate in 23 Alcohol: liquid 75% active 
  • Docusate in PEG 400: liquid 50% active 

Docusate sodium is an FDA approved excipient, which has proven effective in more than 50 unique formulations:
Dispersing agent for tablet manufacture

  • Liquid or gel suspensions
  • Effervescing tablets
  • Emulsifier for creams and gels

In addition to excellent solubilizing, wetting, dispersing and emulsifying properties, docusate sodium gives a low order of toxicity and is stable and compatible with a wide range of pharmacologically active drugs


Docusate unmatched wetting power - Contact angles of Docusate vs. other surfactants

Docusate for poorly soluble API (BCS class II and IV)  

Docusate sodium is also as a powerful solubilizing agent, helping the formulation of poorly soluble active ingredients (APIs). Many new APIs (reported to be 40-70%) have a poor aqueous solubility leading to reduced bioavailability. Reduced bioavailability has an efficacy and financial consequence, as patients are not receiving the benefits of the medication and companies are not able to take full advantage of expensive APIs. There is also an unforeseen impact on the environment as trace quantities of these APIs might find their way into the water table.

Docusate sodium can be used to overcome this bioavailability issue by improving solubility using a variety of manufacturing techniques such as wet granulating, nano milling and hot melt extrusion (HME). Syensqo can provide formulation examples of these various techniques with BCS class 2 and 4. To learn more about Syensqo’s industry-leading pharmaceutical grade docusate sodium surfactant, register to receive additional information or contact us to discuss your specific pharmaceutical application with one of our Syensqo Novecare technical representatives.

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